The Hat Is Back!

After Derby, my family and I took mini-vacation to Naples where I visited a highly recommended high-end boutique known for it’s hats, jewelry and upscale euro-style fashion. I spoke with the owner about headpieces and we agreed that the hat is definitely back! People are wearing them for occasions outside the track. Although the derby lends itself to a more flamboyant style, headpieces for other occasions are smaller and simpler. Consider wearing a small hat for a wedding, a luncheon or even church. Ladies used to wear them all the time, so why not bring them back! Evening gowns or cocktail dresses coupled with just the right fascinator are absolutely stunning! Next time you have an event for which you would like to kick it up a notch in the style department, consider wearing a hat! You know I will! ;)

Here is a great article about hat etiquette.

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