Summer 2019 Fashion

As we approach the beginning of summer, let us examine 2019 summer fashion. Below is a great article from Harper’s Bazaar that is a list of 2019 summer fashion must-haves. As a person with long hair, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that hair ties and scrunchies are making a come back. It’s about darn time!!!! (I try not to cuss because Jesus reads this and so does my mom.) In my recent shopping excursions, I’ve seen all of the listed styles on racks this spring. However, allow me to caution you on a couple of the items. One of the items that made this list is the 80s mini. While it can be a flirty and fun style, the one they show in the article looks like it was made from my parents’ old couch. We threw that thing out years ago and apparently it reincarnated on this dress. For the love of fashion, don’t bring it back!!

And finally, another item is the animal print dress. Personally, I LOVE animal print everything, but one has to be cautious about how to wear it and to what occasion. DON’T wear an animal print dress (like the one in the article) if you are going to a wedding, to church or to meet your guy’s parents. Nope nope nope! On a side note, evidently, wearing animal print shoes to church is a no-no because once when I sang on the worship team at church, I wore animal print shoes and was promptly sent home to change into more conservative footwear. I was told the church ladies couldn't handle a little zebra ON THE FEET.  Haha!  

Ugh...but I digress... Anyway...DO wear animal print if you’re going out on the town with the girls or are on a date with your significant other and want to spice things up.

Just my two cents…


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