Shave Your Legs, Ladies, It's Swimsuit Season 2019!!!

Run for the hills, y’all, and ladies, it’s time to shave those legs! We’ve approached the dreaded swimsuit season. Yes, we’ve all been in denial for months, but it’s here. Below is an article about what’s in and what’s out for the 2019 swimsuit season. I agree with these trends, but I can’t say that I like them. Cardinal rule with regard to shopping for a swimsuit (or shopping for any clothing)…just because it is in a catalog or a magazine and it looks amazing on the photo shopped 5’10”, 125 lb model, that doesn’t mean that it will look amazing on you!! Wear what looks good on YOU and what makes YOU comfortable! Case in point…I hate hate hate the high-waisted bikini bottom! Did I stress that enough? Ugh, blehhh!! I get it; it hides the tummy pooch. That’s great and all, but good grief, just wear a one piece! If you have a tummy that you’re comfortable showing, I still recommend going against this trend and wearing a low-waisted bottom. In my case, I am very short-waisted; therefore, whenever I wear high-waisted anything, I look like an old grandma. If you’re like me and have a short waist, either wear a one piece or get comfortable showing that naval. Otherwise, grandma might get mad because you raided her swimsuit drawer.  I actually like the swimsuit in my featured image for this post, but this girl appears to have a perfectly touched up body and 99.99999% of people on this earth don't look like her. I'm not even sure she looks like her.

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