Dressing Age Appropriate

In my last post, I discussed how to choose a derby dress. One of my pieces of advice was dressing age appropriate. I found myself pontificating to the point of making another post about dressing age appropriate. This is tricky, because fashion has changed over the years. The rules have change. There are a lot of women out there running around saying, “I can wear whatever I want!” You most certainly can, but you can also ride around wearing a chicken head like it’s no big deal!  

If being featured on the People of Walmart website is what you’re angling for, then go get ‘em, tiger! But for most rational thinking human beings, there are still rules that should be considered regarding age appropriate attire.

1. If you’re older than 40 (and NOT Tina Turner), consider staying away from a mini dress or outfit (shorter than mid thigh). I shouldn't have to explain this further. 

2. Think about the style of the outfit. For example, lots of women are wearing rompers these days instead of sundresses. While rompers are cute, if you’re above the age of 40, the romper should be saved for a more casual event. Dressy rompers tend to be pretty short and if worn inappropriately, can make women over 40ish look much older.

Also, cutout dresses showing the naval are a no-no.  I shouldn't have to explain this either. It's great if you've really been working out and you have a flat stomach, but if you want to show off your hard work, wear something that is really fitted in the abdominal area.  You will accomplish the same thing as the lady (and I use that term loosely) wearing the cutout dress who looks like she just stepped out of the Fredericks of Hollywood clearance catalog. 

3. Fabric is an unexpected component of dressing age appropriate, but it is worth noting. Women over 40 should be cautious of wearing bright cotton floral dresses (think Lilly Pulitzer). I love Lilly dresses, but just tone it down and save them for a more casual occasion.

I could go on and on and on about this topic, but I am mainly focused on special occasions such as Derby. The important thing is to have fun and express yourself through fashion; if that’s something you’re into. God created each of us unique, to enjoy and feel beautiful at each stage of life. There’s nothing wrong with dressing sexy, but my advice would be to dress like you’re proud of who you REALLY are right now in your life, not who you wish you were.

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