Choosing Shoes

Choosing the right shoe is very important, but it is usually the last piece of the derby attire puzzle that we select. Here are some tips that I hope will help you pick the right shoe this year!

Avoid crazy patterns. Stick with solid colors that match your dress perfectly or opt for a neutral colored (nude or clear) shoe.

Some ladies like to add special floral or feather shoes embellishments.

If you go that route, it needs to be well thought out and coordinate perfectly with your outfit, including your headpiece. Only add such an embellishment to your shoes if you are wearing a solid colored dress. Adding pattern to your shoes while wearing a patterned dress, and then topping it with a big hat is way too busy.

Don’t wearing anything over 5” tall, unless you plan on working the corner to cover your losses earlier in the day.

No no no!!!

If you wear a taller heel, a small platform will add to the comfort level. Yes, comfort is important at the track. You will need to pack either flip flops or some other type of comfort shoe in your bag, but while wearing the fancy shoes, try to consider some with a small platform to increase comfort level.

If you have shorter legs or you just want a longer look, avoid shoes with an ankle strap. The strap cuts off the ankle and will make your legs look even shorter.

Exercise caution when considering a wedge. Wedges are usually more comfortable than a stiletto; however, the wedge often takes away from the formality of the outfit. 

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