Choosing Jewelry

Three words…KEEP IT SIMPLE! This goes back to my original post about choosing a hat. People don’t care about your dress (unless it looks ridiculous). People care about your hat! Instead of chunky jewelry pieces, choose a simple pearl or diamond studs. I am a big fan of chunky jewelry, but there is a time and place for it and for the most part, it isn’t with a derby hat. Pairing up a big hat , statement jewelry, a fancy dress and full makeup often feels like too much, like you’re trying too hard to be a member of the royal family. However, if you do your research, you will notice that members of the royal family rarely wear big chunky jewelry with full royal garb. If you do have a chunky necklace you want to wear, it needs to coordinate nicely with the rest of the outfit.

There are ways to bring bling into the derby outfit mix. Try putting some in your hat! We’ve made a lot of hats that included a jewel and they’ve turned out beautifully. Some ladies even like to add a brooch with sentimental value to their headpiece. Last year, one of our favorite hats was for a dear friend who is a colon cancer survivor. She asked us to add a blue jewel to her fascinator (blue is the official color for colon cancer awareness). This gave her hat a story, a conversation, where she could share about her disease and how God brought her to recovery.

Although, I would advise refraining from using an expensive piece of jewelry on a hat, I definitely encourage the unique touch.

If you would like to wear a piece of jewelry that is a bit beefier, a chunky bracelet always looks nice. It needs to be just the right piece that coordinates well with everything else, otherwise, it isn’t worth wearing.

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