Choosing A Dress

Here are several tips on how to choose a derby dress.  Some folks might disagree with these thoughts, and if so, they are wrong! Just kidding...not really. 
If your hat has more than one color, choose a solid color dress. If your hat is strictly one color, choose a dress with some pattern. Why, you ask? Because it looks good! There are some exceptions to this. A solid white hat and a solid white dress can look amazing under the right circumstances, but you risk looking like a bride or a cake topper. Similarly, a solid black hat and a solid black dress can be beautiful, but no one wants to look like they are going to a funeral on the first Saturday in May!
Consider trying a dress that matches the base of your hat. Don’t ask questions; just try it! Sometimes, it isn’t possible, for example, if the base of your hat is a hard-to-find bright color, a metallic, or a unique shade of purple, but just try it! There is something classy and pleasing to the eye about wearing a dress that is the same color as the base of your hat. Protip...if you go the custom route, hats can be dyed to match!  We do it all the time!!!
Don’t wear something too casual. If you have to ask, “Do you think this dress/outfit is too casual,” then it probably is.
Don’t look trashy.
Keep your dress well balanced. Three components to consider are fit, length and neckline. If your dress is very fitted to your body, be careful not to choose one that is super short or has a low neckline. Keep it classy!  Think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman...well... after she left Hookerville.
Don’t look too frumpy. Save the tent for the camping trip. THE END!
Wear appropriate undergarments... appropriately. Even the thinnest of women can have that back fat look if they wear the wrong bra. Also, consider panty lines when choosing your dress.
Dress age appropriate. First, what is “age appropriate”? That is certainly up for debate. The fit of an outfit is definitely important, but also the style and the fabric. I’ll elaborate on this topic more in another post, but until then, this is an interesting article that touches on some things worth considering.

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